EerenNFT Pass and Packages

Various options to start with, proceed directly to the packages or get our EerenNFT Pass for better pricing and special services. 


Flexible design

NFT theme can be based on your business nature, business theme, or personal theme. NFT design can be totally different theme than the real business nature and personalized. This will depends on the business itself, relationship between the NFT and the business, or personal flavour.


How NFT related to business

Various businesses can have different linkage with the blockchain. NFT is one of the easiest option. 



Exposure to blockchain world

Membership system

Unique address for holder


NFT Spurmie


Every PASS Includes

Personalized Consultation

We work with you on your project. Explore exposure on various social medium and advertising strategy.

Flexible Customization

Customize the design in relevant to your business, personal interest. Build branding in blockchain.

World Class Support

You get support from the Pro team to build a blockchain team. Build exposure and expand in blockchain.

Instant Discount

Instant rebate on all NFT package exist in Eeren. Instant price down to start your NFT project.

Subsequent NFT Solution

Subsequent NFT collection, airdrop strategy to continuously communicate and service holders.

Marketing Strategy

Distribution of NFT and NFT strategy can be tricky. Different NFT concept may work under different environment. To go along with a better marketing strategy to build up the community.


Building own Token may be an ideal move after NFT. To be able to control the currency and to be utilized within business operation.

Staking and Rewards

Rewarding your holder with rewards and various freebies makes holders HODL (hold longer). 


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